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Taiwan’s AIDC confident of securing IDF upgrade contract

Taiwan’s state-owned Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) is expecting to sign a contract with the government shortly to upgrade around 70 F-CK-1 Indigenous Defence Fighters (IDF), the company revealed to Jane’s on 18 June. An AIDC official said the upgrade would be based on two twin-seater IDF-2 prototypes that were delivered to the Taiwan air force in 2007 under a TWD7 billion project known as the Hsing Shing (Soaring Upgrade) programme

Details of Turkey’s Project ‘J’ revealed

Details have emerged of the Turkish Land Forces Command’s (TLFC) little-known 150 km-range precision strike tactical ballistic missile system. It is known variously as Project ‘J’ (J-600T Yildirum – Thunderbolt), or Project ‘Kasirga’, and is understood to have been developed by Turkey’s Roketsan with some foreign assistance from an undisclosed source

Paris Air Show: MBDA engages in missile study

MBDA is currently engaged in an internal study with regard to simplifying customer operations and support services for its new range of Marte anti-surface warfare (ASuW) missiles. Speaking at the Paris Air Show on 15 June, the managing director of MBDA Italy, Antonio Perfetti, said that the company is itself funding the study to show the customer its “robustness of intent and strong commitment” to supporting the new Marte Mk 2/S, Mk 2S-A and ER (Extended Range) fixed- and rotary-wing launched missiles

USAF remains confident on post-2010 GPS performance

Claims in recent newspaper reports that the quality of service provided by the US Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation system was likely to degrade from 2010 onwards have been denied by the US Air Force (USAF).. On a tweet forum held on 20 May, Colonel Dave Buckman, Air Force Space Command lead for position, navigation and timing, stated: “GPS will not go down”

Paris Air Show: US shifts missile defence focus

President Barack Obama’s administration in the US is shifting its missile defence focus away from the strategic and towards tactical and deployable systems that can be used to protect its allies and its troops on the ground, according to an industry representative. Speaking at the Paris Air Show on 15 June, Dr Taylor Lawrence, President of Raytheon Missile Systems, said this shift in emphasis towards tactical protection will only increase in coming years: “Over the next five to 10 years the centre of mass [with regards to missile defence systems] will change to be more tactical and less strategic.” As part of this move, Lawrence said there is currently a major emphasis on deploying proven technologies that have already been demonstrated to be sound, such as the US Army’s Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system and the sea-launched SM-3 ballistic missile interceptors and their associated infrastructure

Germany plans LFTAS retrofit to F123 frigates

The German Navy’s four F123 Brandenburg-class frigates are all to receive a new low-frequency towed active sonar (LFTAS) following successful trials of a pre-series production system on board FGS Bayern . Officials from the Federal Office for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) and the German Navy confirmed to Jane’s that funding had been earmarked for each of the F123 ships to be retrofitted with the DSQS-30A LFTAS

Pakistan set to receive Type 730B close-in weapon system

The Pakistan Navy is to become the first customer for a new version of the Chinese-developed Type 730 close-in weapon system (CIWS). Known as Type 730B, the modified system being fitted on board the navy’s four new F-22P Sword-class (modified Type 053H3 ‘Jiangwei II’) frigates has been re-engineered to use off-mount target-tracking sensors rather than the on-mount configuration adopted in its original form

Chilean OPV completes first sea trials

The second of four offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for the Chilean Navy’s coastguard branch has completed its first set of sea trials, the service announced on 12 June. The 1,728-ton Comandante Policarpo Toro completed four days of trials that tested the ship’s endurance and manoeuvrability and verified its operational systems

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