Mujahideen Graves in Bosnia Revealed

Javno   March 3, 2009

Some 200 Mujahideen, Afghan veterans, were buried in Bosnia. Javno is the first to reveal their graveyard in Grm near Zenica.

Although 13 years have passed since the end of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, nobody has ever found out where the bodies of Mujahideen from the Arab-Islamic world who waged war on the side of the Bosnian Muslims were buried until now.

Out of some 3,000 Arab volunteers in Bosnia, some 200 were killed, including many veterans of the Afghanistan war. Aiman Awad, a former member of the Al Mujahideen troops in Bosnia for the first time spoke to Javno who these killed fighters were and where their graves are.

– Their graves are all over the place… – Award began.

Some were buried at Mehurici near Travnik, some in Grm near Zenica and some in Livade near Zavidovic.

The Al Mujahideen was a unit that was a part of the 3rd corps of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Army. It was established in 1993 under orders of Rasim Delic. The unit was comprised of African and Asian volunteers who arrived in Bosnia through Croatia and the then Herzeg-Bosnia. Their task was to fight Bosnian Serbs and later Croat troops.


We die like simple people

– The bodies of some 50 of them were never found – Awad told us as we ask about sashes and memorials, which causes him to smile slightly.

– We never sought sashes and memorials, so there are none. The fighters of the Al Mujahideen unit did not come here for glory or to be buried in shrines.

– It was the wish of every fighter who died that their names not be written on their graves and that their graves do not become shrines such as was the case with those three Syrians who came to Bosnia 200 years ago. We came here as simple people and we die as simple people. We followed the path of Allah who brought us here to help – Awad explained to us.

He revealed to us the names of the fighters whose bodies are buried at a sire in Grm outside of Zenica.

– Some 30 Mujahideen were buried at that cemetery, among them were many Afghan veterans. They are: Libyans Abu Haris and Abu Haman, Saudis Abu Zijad and Abu Shehid, a Tunisian, Abu Hureyha, an Egyptian, Abu Abdurahman and an Algerian, Abu Hamza – Awad said, reiterating that their names are not written on the graves.

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