India against Kosovo independence

Indian Ambassador in Belgrade, Ajay Svarup, said that India will continue to support Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity over Kosovo.

“India will support Serbia on the issue of protection of her sovereignty in all international forums. Our position is well known to other countries, and our position in the international relations today is such that India’s opinion is respected,” the ambassador said.

The Ambassador said that India backed and continues to back UN Resolution 1244 that defines Kosovo as a Serbian territory despite the legal rebellion of some states, led by the US, to violate it.

Over 75% of world countries have not recognized Kosovo’s self-proclaimed independence.

“The Indian government believes that the problem of Kosovo should have been solved via peaceful means, finding a mutually acceptable solution through dialogue,” the Ambassador said.

The Ambassador said that said that the principle of self-determination, which some have cited in favor of Kosovo’s declaration, “was relevant at the time of liberation from colonial rule,” and Kosovo is not a Serbian colony but intricate part of the territory.

India recently voted in favor of Serbia’s UN General Assembly initiative to ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) whether the Kosovo Albanian declaration of independence was legal.

US political analyst John Zavales told the Voice of America that the International Court of Justice ruling on Kosovo will put the countries that have recognized Kosovo in a problematic predicament.

“If the International Court of Justice decides that Kosovo’s independence was not established in line with international law, then the countries that have recognized it will find themselves in a predicament, since the thesis about the uniqueness of the Kosovo case will no longer be sustainable,” Zavales said. 

Zavales said that Kosovo will not be the main diplomatic issue for America any more and that the ICJ ruling will make Kosovo of interest only “on a theoretical level”.’

Last week, Spain has urged countries to submit their briefs to the International Court of Justice in support of Serbia’s territorial integrity.

Kosovo is a Serbian province whose Albanian violent separatists have illegally declared independence in 2008 after ethnically cleansing over two thirds of the Serbian population while NATO troops, there since 1999, claim they are there to keep peace. The remaining Serbs are exposed to daily attacks of various sorts. Some states have extended a diplomatic recognition to these separatists claiming the province is a “unique” case.



Source: Serbianna

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