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Serbia develops Lazar armoured vehicle


The Serbian defence industry has completed the prototype of a new
multirole armoured combat vehicle (MRACV) called the Lazar, which has
been developed by the Serbian Military Technology Institute to meet the
potential requirements of Serbia as well as export customers. Designated
Lazar BVT 8808-SR, the first prototype was completed in late 2008 and is
currently undergoing tests. The hull is made of all-welded steel armour
with applique armour added to provide a higher level of protection (the
highest level is over the frontal arc)


Pakistan seeks China’s help in shipyard construction
Pakistan has requested assistance from China in constructing two naval
shipyards and modernising another, according to a statement issued by the
country’s government on 14 January. “The minister [for Defence
Production, Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi] sought the assistance of [the]
Chinese government for expanding and building the Karachi and Gawadr
shipyards,” said the statement




India orders Spyder missile systems
India has signed a contract with Rafael for the supply of an undisclosed
number of Spyder surface-to-air missile systems. A contract worth
approximately INR1,137 crore (USD260 million) for the purchase of what
the Indian Ministry of Defence described as “low-level quick-reaction
missile systems” was signed on 1 September 2008, following an evaluation
of tenders from several potential missile suppliers. However, the deal
was not disclosed until 17 December 2008




Russia tests missile for S-400


The Russian Air Force has started tests of a new missile for the S-400
Triumf (SA-21 ‘Growler’) air-defence system. Colonel General Alexander
Zelin, commander of the air force, told the RIA Novosti news agency on 26
December 2008 that testing had begun, but did not identify the new
missile. The first S-400 battery entered service in the Moscow region in
2007 and some of its hardware was briefly displayed at that year’s MAKS
airshow at Zhukovsky




Australia appoints first national security adviser
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has abandoned an election pledge to
establish a US-style Department of Homeland Security, instead appointing
the country’s first ever national security adviser and forming a national
intelligence and co-ordination committee responsible for collating
foreign, defence, security and law enforcement intelligence. Delivering
the inaugural national security statement to Parliament on 4 December,
Rudd said the best solution for Australia was not another agency “but a
new level of leadership, direction and co-ordination among the agencies
we already have”





German Navy hopes to benefit from investment in third support ship
The German Navy is to acquire a third Berlin-class (Type 702) underway
replenishment ship by 2012 at a cost of about EUR330 million (USD436
million): some 35 per cent higher than previously budgeted. A contract
between the country’s ARGE shipbuilding consortium and the Federal Office
of Defence Technology and Procurement was concluded in mid-December 2008
and announced by the consortium on 12 January 2009




Source: Jane’s Defence Journal

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