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USAF releases new energy policy

The US Air Force (USAF) has issued a new ‘Energy Program Policy’: a blueprint for driving forward future energy-related initiatives, which are set to be a high priority for the Obama administration. The policy lays out a set of efforts to decrease demand for oil-based fuel products, increase supply and change the USAF culture to be more energy-conscious


South Africa revives tactical vehicle programme
Armscor, the South African defence acquisition agency, is set to relaunch its project to acquire a new family of tactical logistic vehicles for the country’s army after nearly two years’ delay over allegations of impropriety. The new request for proposals (RfP) for Project Vistula is expected to be issued around the middle of February, albeit for a modified acquisition that now also includes five-tonne payload 4×4 trucks




Mixed fortunes ahead for US defence industry


The financial downturn has affected all corners of the US economy and the Federal Reserve expects unemployment to rise from 6.3-6.6 per cent in 2008 to a possible 8 per cent in 2009. President-elect Barack Obama’s proposed economic stimulation plan could reach USD800 billion: potentially the largest government package since President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s



Tajikistan receives new Pechora-2M system


Tajikistan has taken delivery of the new Almaz-Antey S-125-2M Pechora-2M (SA-3 ‘Goa’) surface-to-air missile system, according to Russian press reports in early December. The standard being delivered represents a further upgrade of an earlier configuration shown for the first time in 2003. Both the control post vehicle and the UNK command post vehicle are based on the KAMAZ-4320 chassis and are networked with a CASTA-2E2 reconnaissance and target-designation radar based on the same chassis or on a trailer



UK cuts Meteor purchase to minimum, delays ISD


Procurement of the MBDA Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) for the UK’s Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft is to be reduced to a quantity that meets “minimum contractual commitments”, a report by the UK National Audit Office (NAO) has confirmed. Additionally, the in-service date (ISD) has been moved back to 2015. According to the NAO’s ‘Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2008’, published on 18 December: “The department [Ministry of Defence] has reviewed the Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile programme in 2007-08 in the light of the changing strategic environment and has decided to delay the integration of Meteor onto Typhoon as this capability is no longer required as early as previously foreseen.” As a result, the ISD has been redefined into two stages “in the light of changes to the perceived threat and to achieve a more cost-effective integration onto Typhoon”, says the report




India signs for eight P-8I MRA aircraft


India has signed its biggest ever defence deal with the United States: an estimated USD2.1 billion order for eight Boeing P-8I Poseidon multimission maritime reconnaissance aircraft (MRA) with an anti-submarine warfare capability for the Indian Navy (IN). IN officials confirmed to Jane’s that, according to the “direct commercial agreement” concluded between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Boeing in New Delhi on 31 December, the navy would receive its first P-8I by the end of 2012 or early the following year and the remaining seven by 2016






Source: Jane’s Defence Journal

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