BJP Press Release on Mumbai terror attack



OFBJP offers heart felt condolences to the families and friends of victims of Mumbai carnage perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, and expresses solidarity with the people of India in this trying time. Also, OFBJP salutes brave personnel of the security forces of India . No words are sufficient to express the shock and anguish against this loathsome and cowardice act of terrorism perpetrated by the Pakistani trained Islamic terrorists on the innocent people of India .


OFBJP is greatly concerned about the massive intelligence failure on part of the Indian government and demand the resignation of home minister Shivraj Patil. It is pathetic to see that the experts of anti-terror operations in Indian Police and Anti-Terrorism Squads (ATS) have been busy arresting, harassing and conspiring against innocent Hindu religious leaders for political considerations, while the real terrorists had been planning for over two months for the event of today enacted by bombing five star hotels and railway stations, taking hundreds of people hostage in Mumbai and killing over 100 persons. Dreadful terror attack by Pakistan trained Islamic Jehadists on multiple hotels and other places in Mumbai on 26.11.08 which claimed lives of hundred of innocent citizens is an eye opener for Indian security and anti terrorist squads, as even International Intelligence agencies are now confirming the involvement of globally connected terror networks like Al-Qaeda in Mumbai Bomb Blast, confirming that India is now been seen as a soft target for striking terror.


It is high time now that India’s ruling establishment headed by communal Congress and its allies learn that the cost of minority appeasement is no more being paid domestically and sooner or later India is going to be pushed into the category of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where no body knows who is running the country.


Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan Singh led Congress has no shame as India became a soft target for the Islamic jehadists to settle their global conflicts on Indian soil. Congress Party led UPA alliance is busy indulging in their petty politics by way of implicating innocent female Hindu religious saints and patriotic Army personnel in terrorism and harassing and torturing them in all possible ways, while the real terrorists are allowed a free hand. This government and its security agencies have miserably failed in facing the real threat of Islamic terrorism.


Jehadi terrorism is now a subject of global concern and demands extraordinary determination, serenity and political will to uproot this menace. OFBJP and NRI community are very much concerned about India being turned into a soft target for terrorists and calls for a strong national consensus and mandate against the flawed and vote bank politics practiced by the communal and short sighted Congress party. OFBJP and the NRI community demand the restoration of strong anti terror laws and also demand the resignation of Shivraj Patil and R.R. Patil who failed the Nation in performing their duties.


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