Bosnians receive wages for joining Wahhabi movement -Banja Luka Daily-

BBC Monitoring International Reports – August 30, 2008, Saturday

Report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA

Banja Luka, 24 August: Wahhabis from Sokolovic Kolonija in the Sarajevo municipality of Ilidza are offering men wages of 400 KM [convertible marks, Bosnia-Hercegovina currency] per month for joining the Wahhabi community, while their wives are being offered about 1,000 KM, provided they wear a “nikab” [veil], Banja Luka [daily] Fokus has learnt from a well-informed source.

The paper says in tomorrow’s edition that to date about 50 followers have joined the Wahhabi movement in the Ilidza settlement, mainly young people who live in difficult economic conditions.

“Young people are the ones mostly interested in Wahhabism, although this isn’t for religious reasons but for the money it gives them. They are following the logic of least resistance, sitting back and taking money for this. However, they don’t know the time will come when this money will have to be paid back. No one gives money without getting something in return,” the source said.

Anti-terrorism expert Dzevad Galijasevic believes everyone who accepts wages of 400 KM as a follower of the Wahhabi movement “will have to pay for this one day, whether at the cost of their or someone else’s life”.

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