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India looks to South Korea to boost ship design capabilities


The Indian Navy has said that it wants to encourage closer links between the country’s state-owned shipbuilders and those in South Korea in order to improve domestic naval ship design capabilities. Speaking to Jane’s on 3 September, Commander Nirad K Sinha, official spokesman for the Indian Navy, said that during Indian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta’s visit to South Korea and Japan, which ended on 24 August, potential design and co-development projects were discussed with government and industry officials



Finland green lights naval NEMO project


The Finnish Defence Forces (FDFs) have approved construction of a new mortar-armed patrol boat technology demonstrator, under Patria Weapon System’s NEMO Navy study. As the name suggests, the programme will see a marinised version of Patria’s 120 mm NEMO smoothbore, semi-automatic mortar weapon system turret installed into a modified version of Marine Alutech’s Watercat



Romania’s upgraded radars offer easier maintenance


Lockheed Martin has completed upgrading the first two of Romania’s five AN/FPS-117(E)1T long-range air-defence surveillance radars. The work included upgrades to the platform’s electronics cabinets, new displays and remote maintenance centres; and has resulted in improved signal and data processing capabilities for the ground-based system, which has been operated by the Romanian Air Force since the late 1990s






Safir launch ‘paved way for placing Iranian satellite in space’


Contrary to initial reports, the Shahab 3-based Safir (Messenger) vehicle launched by Iran on 16 August 2008 did not place a satellite in orbit. The US Spacetrack system recorded nothing being orbited between the launch of Americom-21 and Superbird 7 communications satellites from Kourou in French Guiana on 14 August and the launch of an INMARSAT 4-F3 communications satellite from Tyuratam in Kazakhstan on 18 August




Taiwan considers different military hardware sources
Taiwan could seek to acquire military technologies from Europe if the United States continues to freeze the sale of defence hardware to the country, according to Jack Tang, programme director at Taiwan’s Industrial Participation Programme (ICP) Office. Referring to Washington’s apparent reluctance to move ahead with the sale of military equipment to Taiwan for fear of destablising improved relations between the country and neighbouring China, Tang told Jane’s on 18 August that the impasse could have a significant impact on Taiwan’s defence industries





Romania moves closer to fighter acquisition decision


Romanian Defence Minister Teodor Melescanu announced on 2 September that the government would make a decision “in a week or two regarding the acquisition procedure for a new fighter [aircraft]”. The announcement followed Melescanu’s meeting with his Swedish counterpart, Sven Tolgfors, in Bucharest. Melescanu acknowledged that the Saab Aerospace JAS 39 Gripen “is part of the list” of respondents for the contract, “where [a total of] five competitors meet the operational criteria set by air force specialists”



Source: Jane’s Defence journal

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