“Al-Qaeda helpers operating in Bosnia”

26 June 2008 | 12:30 | Source: Beta 



BANJA LUKA — Bosnian Deputy Anti-Terrorism Security Minister Vjekoslav Vuković says there probably are organizations operating in the country linked to Al-Qaeda.


“We have obtained certain information and indicators that some of these organizations are active in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but under different names. Individuals who worked in outlawed organizations are now running others, which suggests that they are still active in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Vuković told Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine.

He said that security and police agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina had information about organizations and individuals listed by the UN as accomplices to terrorism, and certain measures were being taken accordingly.

The UN periodically publishes a list of organizations and individuals that are either members of or are linked to Al-Qaeda.

The list was revised a few months ago and now features groups such as Al-Furkhan, the Al-Harmain and the Al-Masjed Al-Aksa humanitarian foundations, Bosnian Ideal Future, the Global Relief Foundation, and Taibah International’s Bosnian office.

According to the UN’s information, all these organizations have offices in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“We know that the UN list features several humanitarian organizations that were registered in Bosnia earlier. However, they have been outlawed, and are not active under those names in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” says Dragan Lukač, assistant director of the State Agency for Investigation and Protection (SIPA).

He does not rule out the possibility, however, that these organizations have remodeled themselves, or are registered under new names.

“We cannot fully rule out the possibility that they have transformed into different organizations, or registered themselves under different names, though SIPA has no such knowledge of this,” Lukač stresses. 






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