Bosnian TV alleges Muslim official linked to 9/11 attacks

BBC Monitoring European. London: May 9, 2008.

Excerpt from report by Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation public TV, on 5 May

[Host Bakir Hadziomerovic] On last night’s [Bosnian] Federation Television
prime-time news, it was reported that the OHR [Office of the High
Representative] anti-corruption team was completing an extensive
investigation against several individuals involved in economic crime, aiding
war criminals and terrorist activities worldwide as well as individuals
involved in the wide network of construction mafia. Based on reliable
information, tonight we are revealing the names of the people whose illegal,
criminal and terrorist activities have already been proven by the
anti-corruption team.

According to exclusive confirmations [that we have received], the
investigation conducted by OHR experts concerns Hasan Cengic, member of the
SDA [Party of Democratic Action] Main Board and a person who during the
aggression against our country was the master of the TWRA [Vienna-based
Muslim charity suspected of helping smuggle arms into Bosnia and channelling
funds to radical Islamists] donor chest. In addition to Cengic’s criminal
undertakings involving donated funds worth several million, which “60
Minutes” has repeatedly reported on in detail, the anti-corruption team has
allegedly come into possession of a document in which Hasan Cengic
personally signed a money transfer intended for the Al-Qai’dah 9/11
terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

[Passage omitted: on other investigations]

According to reliable and confirmed information from diplomatic quarters,
the anti-corruption team will soon submit all the gathered documentation
proving brutal criminality as well as involvement in terrorist activities
and in the hiding of war criminals to the B-H [Bosnia-Hercegovina ]
prosecutor’s office special department for organized crime, after which
arrests and trials of those responsible will ensue.

Credit: Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation TV, Sarajevo, in
Bosnian/Croatian/ Serbian 1800 5 May 08

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