Albania asks Kosovo to agree on pipeline

Albania is readying plans for an interconnection line with Kosovo.

Production of energy from Albania’s hydropower stations would be well balanced with the production from Kosovo’s power stations, said Albania’s Economy and Trade Minister Genc Ruli, the Shekulli newspaper reported.

“Minister Ruli and Shiroka, his counterpart, stressed the cooperation in the  field of energy. The two ministers noted that the Albanian and Kosovo  electricity systems complement each other very well,” Albanian officials
said in a statement.

Analysts said, however, that while cooperation could be profitable, the two  countries’ financial capabilities are still far from strong enough.

Albania potentially could increase its energy production by 60 percent if it  finds a reliable energy source, like the coal power stations in Kosovo.  Currently, however, both nations are net importers of energy.

According to Kosovo Energy Corp. analyses, the country needs about $3  billion in investments to keep its current energy system afloat.

According to Albanian specialists, the construction of the thermoelectric  cooler power stations and the interconnection lines and the construction of  the pipelines supplying gas would help the situation on both sides.

Source: UPI

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