Del Ponte accusing Kosovo Albanians: Taking and selling organs from abducted people

The Hague Prosecution learned while investigating war crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbs and other ethnic communities that people that disappeared in 1999 in Kosovo were subjected to surgery in which their kidneys and other organs were taken from them and then the smugglers were selling them to foreign clinics, Carla Del Ponte, former chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal wrote in her book ‘Hunt’.

‘The victims were most likely abducted after NATO bombing when international peace-keeping forces were already deployed in Kosovo’. Even high KLA members were involved in the operation of smuggling of organs, Del Ponte writes but do not specify their names.
She further writes that a group of ‘reliable’ journalists told the investigators and UNMIK officials that in summer of 1999 Kosovo Albanians transported by trucks about 300 abducted non-Albanians in camps in Kukes and Tropoja in the north of Albania. Younger and healthy prisoners were medically examined and detained in Burel and in the neighborhood.
In one room that was used as an operating theatre, the surgeons were taking organs from the victims. Via Rinas airport near Tirana the organs were transported to clinics abroad for clients that paid for them. One source claimed to have personally participated in one of such deliveries at the airport.
The victims left with one kidney were kept locked and later on killed for other organs.
‘Other prisoners in the barrack knew what was to happen to them’, Del Ponte wrote.
Among female prisoners there were women from Kosovo, Albania, Russia and former Yugoslav republics. Two sources claimed to have been helping in the burial of victims at a nearby cemetery…

Source: Blic

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