Largest Muslim group invites Kosovo religious leaders to forum

Largest Muslim group invites Kosovo religious leaders to forum

Indonesia’s largest Muslim organisation, the 40-million strong Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), has said it will invite religious leaders from the newly independent state of Kosovo to the third international world ulama forum, to be held in Jakarta in July.

Also known as the International Conference of Islamic Scholars, the event brings together Islamic leaders from all over the world in order to promote dialogue.

In announcing the invitation, NU chairman, Hasyim Muzadi, stated that the NU welcomed the creation of the new republic, which is the only one in Western Europe with a predominantly Muslim population. 

“On account of the independence, Kosovo’s Muslim people would relatively be safer,” he said.

Muzadi, however, said that the invitation was not part of efforts to urge the Indonesian government to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

“NU is just sympathetic to Kosovo independence,” he nonetheless said, adding that president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s administration has the authority to deal with the Kosovo independence.

Indonesia is yet to recognise Kosovo’s independence. Local politicians are allegedly alarmed that the unilateral decision of Pristina’s declaration of independence could be an example for the restless Indonesian provinces of Aceh and Papua.

Source: AKI-ADN Kronos-

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