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For some time now, militant Islamic web portal has been engaged in a propaganda campaign against the Serbian people as a whole, and me in person, with the purpose of preventing my appearance at the 11th Congress of European Police, where I am scheduled to speak about a European strategy for combating terrorism. They object to my existence as a Serb, and to the fact that in all of my speeches I make a clear difference between Islamic fundamentalists/mujahedin and Islam as a world religion.
This web portal fabricates stories and spreads dangerous misinformation. It also engages in spreading religious and racial hatred, (see article at ,  titled ”The Serbocidal Darko Trifunovic, ’expert’ for ’Euro-terrorism’, belongs behind bars ”). This sort of racism and ethnic hatred is a threat to peace and security in Bosnia-Herzegovina and elsewhere.
People behind this Islamic fundamentalist portal have fabricated an email correspondence which they attribute to me, with me allegedly saying I wished all Muslims had been killed: The language and expressions used in this alleged email correspondence do not resemble my vocabulary at all – quite the contrary, they sound like broken vernacular of Bosnian Muslim émigrés. This is obviously the vilest sort of fabrication, with the purpose to agitate the citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Reputable expertss have identified as a web portal spreading ideas closely related to Al-Qaeda (; attacks on me are in line with known Al-Qaeda media strategy ( Therefore, this portal and the people associated with it are liable to come under investigation of anti-terrorist law enforcement organizations around the world. Given that this portal also glorifies the mujahedin, Islamic fanatics and war crimes suspects, the FBI has been notified of its operations.
I appeal to all citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina not to believe the lies, fabrications and the ethnic, racial and religious hatred emanating from this web portal..


Dr Darko Trifunovic

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