Web attacks against Balkan anti-terrorist analyst

The Islamic “Web Jihad” has already made its progress from being a recruiting and propagating virtual reality, to another level; that of instigating attacks against well-known analysts that expose terrorist affiliations and methods of operation.

I am presenting a passage that was transmitted in the “Terror Finance” website, after receiving several notes around this phenomenon that has surely created a negative atmosphere.

It has to be noted that the “AIO” Islamic organization mainly operating in Bosnia, has made several attempts over the past few weeks to sabotage the work of Darko Trifunovic, a Serbian analyst and member of the Terror Finance organization.

LINK: http://www.terrorfinance.org/the_terror_finance_blog/2007/12/al-qaeda-media.html


World wide counter terrorist experts have indicated that they believe in the danger of  web attacks on them. Now Al Qaeda and Radical Islamists are targetting not only our objects and soldiers, but also our intellectuals.
Al-Qaeda Media Committee Details, Center of Gravity: Pakistan Area of Operation, Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo
In the early 1990s, this committee produced a publication called “Nashrat al Akhbar” — the Newscast, in the Hyatabad neighborhood of Peshawar, Pakistan. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the former Bosnian and Afghanistan war veteran with a Bosnian passport, took over leadership of this committee during the planning of the Sept. 11 attacks, starting around 1999.
It become clear that al-Qaeda’s committee now target our intellectuals, experts, professors etc…recently there has been an ongoing Internet War against Dr Darko Trifunovic, from the Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade, who discovered existence of “White Al Qaeda” in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Sources: 1Jamal al-Fadl testimony, United States vs. Osama bin Laden et al, trial transcript, Day 2, Feb. 6, 2001. 2: The 9-11 Commission Report. July 22, 2004. Chapter 5.1.)

The Media Committee coordinates with the owners of pro-fundamentalist media and activists inside major media outlets to spread Islamic fundamentalist propaganda. The basic function of this Committee is to justify the activities of Islamic fundamentalists. The main weapon is to claim that Muslims are always and everywhere the exclusive victims of violence. Of course, the truth is completely different, because the Islamic fundamentalists initiate violence for the purpose of establishing the pan-Islamic Ummah, a theocracy that excludes the existence of other religions. For example, in Kosovo-Metohia Islamic extremists among the Kosovo Albanians, with Al-Qaeda’s help, have managed to create a perception that the Albanian majority was endangered by the Serb minority. Thanks to the work of the Media Committee, the secession and terrorism of Islamic fundamentalists among the Kosovo Albanians were presented as a “struggle for freedom.” One of the main objectives of the Islamic fundamentalists’ global network is to create a perception in the world public opinion that Muslims are always the victims, in order to justify conflict and conquest. Victim status is thus claimed for Kosovo Albanians, their co-religionists in Kashmir, Palestine, Russia (Chechnya), Sudan, Tanzania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Malaysia, East Timor, etc.
What the Media Committee of Al Qaeda from Bosnia wants to hide:

Links between 9/11 and the Al-Qaeda network in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Officials of the Muslim-Croat Federation in B-H never released any information to the US investigators or lawyers representing the families of 9/11 victims, because such information would cast a new light on the entire B-H conflict. They would have made it obvious that the war was a jihad, a religious war waged against Bosnia’s Christians by the Islamic extremists.
The Interpol office in Wiesbaden, Germany sent a request to the Bosnian authorities on 18 September 2001 to verify the identity of a certain Mr. Atta, who according to their information used to reside in the hamlet of Bakotić, 8 km outside Maglaj, in 1999. Attached to the request was the photo of Mohamed Atta, and a note to verify it through a certain Mehmed Hasanić, a resident of Bakotić. This means Mohamed Atta was trained in B-H; it is known that he left B-H for Hamburg, from where he proceeded to the United States and his ultimate mission – to destroy the Twin Towers.

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Where the accusations against Trifunovic are being made, in order to prevent him attending an international conference and exposing some real hard facts around the Balkan security affairs

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