Islamic extremists monitored in Montenegro

Tiny Balkan state of Montenegro says that it has uncovered a network of over 100 Islamic extremists with connections to Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The Director of the Agency for National Security of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, says that the Agency is monitoring over 100 well organized Islamic extremists.

Markovic says that the extremists belong to the militant Wahhabi sect of Islam and the Montenegrin Security agents were able to video tape the training camp these extremists use. The camp is located in northern Montenegro near border with Serbia and Bosnia.

Montenegrin intelligence says that the extremists meet at a restaurant in a village of Ostrvo near Plavsko Lake. The meetings are regular and include extremists from Montenegro, Bosnia and Kosovo.

The Islamic extremists also regularly meet in a village of Babino near Montenegrin border with Kosovo.
Muslims in Montenegro are officially organized around its Islamic Community in the capital Podgorica. The Committee of the Islamic Community in Podgorica sponsors an informative web site which tackles Islamic topics such as circumcision of women and rights of infidels in an Islamic state.
Recently, the Islamic Community of Montenegro has published a book called “Palestine” in which it says that “secular Zionism” has “betrayed Judaism as the faith and Jews as the people”.

Markovic also notes that earlier this year the Montenegrin Security Agency has confiscated a large cache of video material depicting terror acts and decapitations of Westerners carried out by the al-Qaeda in Iraq and Taliban in Afghanistan.

Most of the video segments, says Markovic, include suicide attacks and the propaganda of martyrdom of the suicide attackers

Source: Serbianna

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