Montenegro, NATO sign transit arrangement

Montenegro and NATO signed a transit agreement on Monday, allowing the Alliance’s troops to move across the tiny Balkan country’s territory to support peacekeeping missions, said reports reaching here from the Montenegrin capital Podgorica.

The document on implementation of the earlier agreement in 2005between the former state union of Serbia-Montenegro and NATO was signed by Montenegrin Defense Minister Boro Vucinic and Lt. Gen. Peter Pearson, deputy commander of Allied Joint Force Command Headquartered in Naples.

Pearson welcomed the signing of the agreement, saying this document is very important for NATO.

“We in Naples wish Montenegro success on its way to joining NATO,” Pearson told the local media.

Vucinic said that, by signing this agreement, Montenegro was showing its dedication to Euro-Atlantic integration as a guarantee of peace and stability.

According to the transit agreement, NATO forces can move across sovereign Montenegrin land, air and territorial waters in line with international law.

The agreement defines the privileges and immunities to be enjoyed by NATO personnel, in line with the convention on similar rights enjoyed by the United Nation, as well the priorities and procedures of border-crossing by NATO convoys.

The document regulates the designated routes, border crossing-points, resting places and medical treatment of the convoys during their transit through Montenegro.
Source: Xinhua

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