Emergency shutdown at Bulgarian nuclear plant

A unit at Bulgaria’s Kozlodui nuclear power station underwent an emergency shutdown Saturday due to a steam leak in its non-radioactive part, facility operators said.

A statement from the power plant said that the malfunction was not related to nuclear safety and that the reactor would be turned back on by Sunday.

“There were no changes in the radioactivity level at the plant,” the statement said.

The plant on the Danube River has two 1000-megawatt units of the Russian VVER type.

It was the second emergency shutdown of a unit at Kozlodui in the past three months. The other reactor underwent an automated shutdown on Sept. 1, without causing any radioactive leak.

Two older 440-megawatt units of the same type at Kozlodui, Bulgaria’s only nuclear power station, were permanently decommissioned at the end of 2006 because of safety concerns.

Their decommissioning was part of requirements for Bulgaria’s entry into the European Union this year.

The government has announced plans to build a second nuclear power plant at Belene in northern Bulgaria.
Source: AP

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