Czech diplomat does not expect quick independence of Kosovo

Czech Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra said today after meeting his EU counterparts that he did not expect a quick declaration of independence of Kosovo. 

He was reacting to the statement by the winner of Saturday’s parliamentary elections in Kosovo, former guerrilla commander Hashim Thaci. 

Thaci who is expected to become prime minister of the Serbian province with the majority ethnic Albanian population, has promised a quick declaration of independence by Kosovo. 

“I think that we can believe on the basis of credible information that this step (the declaration of independence) will not be taken in the next weeks or days,” Vondra said. 

The European Union does not know yet what position it would take if Kosovo declared its independence, today’s meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Brussels showed. 

The EU countries’ representatives today urged Kosovo not to rush into a declaration of independence, but seek consensus in the international community. Practically all EU representatives said today it was necessary for the EU to act jointly also in the event of the declaration of independence. 

“Another question is whether this will be achieved,” Vondra said. 

“The unity in the EU position will certainly be preserved until December 10 and maybe till the end of the year. Another question is whether it will be preserved for a long time,” he said. 

Thaci said the Kosovo parliament would declare independence after a December 10 deadline for international mediation efforts. He also said that his government would coordinate all its steps concerning Kosovo’s future status with the USA and the European Union. 

The USA firmly backs independence for Kosovo, but the EU is divided. Even the countries that are in favour of Kosovo’s independence want such a move to be supported by the United Nations. Russia and Serbia are strictly opposed to independence for Kosovo.
Source: Czech News Agency

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