Slavic Parliamentary Union Headquarters opened in Minsk

The headquarters of the international non-governmental association Slavic Parliamentary Union (SPU) was opened in Minsk on Monday.

“The decision to have the headquarters in the Belarusian capital was adopted at the 9th World Slavic Congress in 2005 and reflects big trust in the country,” SPU Chairman and Belarusian MP Sergei Kostyan said.

In his words, the next session of the Slavic Parliamentary Union will be held in the Belarusian city of Mogilev in the middle of May 2008.

Apart from MPs from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are the Union members, representatives from Slovenia and Macedonia plan to take part in the forum.

The Slavic Parliamentary Union plans to “expand its activity to all the regions where Slavic peoples live, including the numerous Slavic communities across the world,” promote mutual understanding between the Slavic countries, and enhance economic, education and cultural contacts, Kostyan said.

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