Serbian Islamist and ex-diplomat: There is Salafists group in Bulgaria

Serbian Security Information Agency /BIA/ registered the presence of a new extremist Islamic organisation on the territory of Serbia, Belgrade paper Politics writes today. These are Salafists, that is, radical Muslims who according to BIA are situated in South Serbia mainly among the Albanian population. In its report BIA characterized them as a potential threat for the security of the state especially after the anti-terrorists campaign if Italians Authorities last weak when 37 members of this group were arrested. Police say that the arrested formed a fighting group Salafist Jihad who recruited volunteers and helped those who trained for kamikazes in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Islamist and ex-diplomat Oliver Protezica explained in front of Politics that one should not speak in advance whether the Salafists from South Serbia are a threat to the state or not. He added that the role of the Salafists should not be exaggerated, but neither should it be underestimated and that they have camps as well in Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and other states of the region.
Source: Focus Information Agency

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