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The strategicanalysis blog will start providing to its readers, texts in Greek & English dealing with the issue of “Illegal immigration, postmodern intellectual thinking against the interests of the nation state and corruption”.

One of the main issues of the contemporary society is the threat posed by pseudo-intellectuals that call towards the abolition of the notion of the nation-state, the state security and in general assist greatly for the degradation of the security of the people. In an era were the perils of terrorism (Mainly of Islamic origin), organized crime networks and mass movements of populations from the South & East to the North & West; there is a crystal clear need of addressing the aforementioned.

The intellectual retardeness of the “Novo intellengia” has inflicted great pains into the security systems of the Western states mostly, whilst it indicates a sense of decadence for the societal fabrics of these countries. It is absolutely necessary for the common man and the state official alike to analyze the current trends that call for the ultimate destruction of its own society and synthesize manners and ways of combating the malicious “Politically correct” notion.

The era of apathy has seen Europe and the USA in particular loosing ground and becoming the hotbed of growing social unrest that was created as a result of the introduction of failed social policies and the spread of the “Politically correct” below-average state-bureacrats and intellectuals. The clock is ticking and it is already the high-time for some conclusive schemes and results.

For the rest… Enjoy!

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