Armed Police Enter Mosque in Sandzak

An MP of the Democratic Party of Sandzak in the Serbian Parliament, Meho
Omerovic, confirmed to BETA on Oct. 7 that 15 policemen had burst into the mosque in Sjenica during
evening prayers, beat the mufti and worshipers, and then took them to the police station.

The Mesihat, the Islamic Community in Novi Pazar, sent a letter to Serbian Interior Minister Dragan Jocic in
which consternation was expressed over the policemen’s alleged beating of the imams in the central mosque in

The Mesihat, which is headed by Muamer Zukorlic, alleges that, afterward, the police took into custody
Islamic community officials and that one of the policemen had stated that this had been done by order
of Minister Jocic.

The Islamic community of Serbia appealed to the responsible government bodies to, as is stated in its
report, “prevent the further armed repression” of that community on the territory of Sandzak.

“In the last two days, Islamic community officials who have been relieved of their duties have tried by force
to impose the will of their leader Muamer Zukorlic in Prijepolje, Tutine and Sjenica, to which members of
the Serbian Interior Ministry have reacted twice, finding weapons,” it is stated in the report.

The Islamic community said it was not a question of a conflict between two groups of believers, but rather
that believers are not allowing access to [certain] buildings to “those bodies who have been replaced”,
nor are they permitting “the harassment of clerics.”

Source: BETA

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