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Serbia offers BMS upgrade for M84 MBT
A battlefield management system (BMS) developed by Yugoimport-SDPR is being offered as an upgrade for the M84 main battle tank. The Kuwaiti Army, one of the users of the M84, is believed to be a prospective customer for the new system. Designated the M84 AB1 BMS, the outfit is currently focussed on improving situation awareness (SA) within tank units at company level and below, but evolved versions can be expected to give a combined-arms SA picture
Senior NATO officials say incompatible C2 endangers ISAF
NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan suffers a fatal lack of interoperable command-and-control (C2) equipment and intelligence-sharing networks, according to senior NATO commanders. The issues are especially severe in southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar district and others where the Taliban’s insurgency movement is strongest, and where fatalities involving ISAF soldiers could otherwise have been avoided or minimised, they stated

Universal shift: Network-centric warfare part II: Satellite technology

When China successfully tested an anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon against the polar orbiting Fenyung 1C weather satellite on 11 January 2007, many realised that a US report released six years before to the day had perhaps proven remarkably prescient. The report had issued a stark warning that, as the nation more dependent on space-based assets than any other, the US needed to take seriously the possibility of an attack on US space systems if the country was to avoid a “Space Pearl Harbor”

Peru defence upgrade plan shifts focus
Peru has realigned its defence modernisation programme, shifting investment to air force modernisation. Peruvian Defence Minister Allan Wagner Tizon announced on 23 September that the USD650 million Nucleo Basico Eficaz (NBE, Efficient Basic Core) investment plan was under way and that the first USD170 million has been assigned. Wagner said the NBE would be modified to focus on the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), instead of dividing the funds among the three armed forces

Jordan embarks on major M60A3 upgrade
CLS Systems of Jordan has completed development of a new vehicle control and electrical system (VC&ES) for the M60A3 main battle tank (MBT) in service with the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF). This VC&ES includes a new driver instrument panel, push button electronic control of gear selection, power distribution box, rotary base junction, turret control box and commander’s and gunner’s switch panels

Indian and UK special forces join for Kashmir exercises

Indian special forces and UK Royal Marines Commandos joined for 25 days of joint exercises in northern Kashmir’s mountainous Ladakh region on 17 September. In the ‘Himalayan Warrior’ manoeuvres, which end on 11 October, some 100 personnel from each country conducted mock strikes on well-entrenched ‘enemy’ hide-outs in precipitous terrain and hit-and-run raids by small groups at altitudes above 5,000 m

Argentina begins submarine mid-life upgrade
The Argentine Navy’s Santa Cruz-class (TR 1700) diesel-electric submarine ARA San Juan is now in the south dock of the Ministro de Marina Manuel Domecq Garcia shipyard undergoing a mid-life upgrade (MLU) and refit. While in dock, the San Juan will be raised out of the water to allow the hull to be opened and the batteries replaced, restoring its original operational performance, which had degraded with age

Source: Jane’s defence journal

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