Key reports on small arms and related issues


Who Takes the Bullet? The impact of small arms violence ­– Norwegian Church Aid, 2005

Shattered Lives: the case for tough international arms control – Control Arms, 2003
Putting People First: Human Security Perspectives on Small Arms Availability and Misuse – Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, 2003.
Putting Guns in their Place: A resource pack for two years of action by humanitarian agencies – Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, 2004.
The Arms trade

Global database on arms transfers
The G8: global arms exporters – failing to prevent irresponsible arms transfers — Control Arms, 2005.
Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 1997-2004 – Congressional Research Service Report, 2005.

Dead on Time: arms transportation, brokering and the threat to human rights – Amnesty International and TransArms, 2006.
The Arms Fixers: Controlling the Brokers and Shipping Agents – BASIC, NISAT and PRIO, 2003.

Small Arms and development

Guns or Growth? Assessing the impact of arms sales on sustainable development – Control Arms, 2004.

Securing Development – UNDP, 2005.
“Development Held Hostage”: Assessing the Effects of Small Arms on Human Development – UNDP, 2002.

Why Fighting Crime can Assist Development in Africa : Rule of Law and Protection of the Most Vulnerable – UNODC, 2005
Humanitarianism Under Threat: The Threat of Small Arms on Human Development –Small Arms Survey and Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (Robert Muggah and Eric Berm an), 2001

Impact of small arms on women

The impact of guns on women’s lives– Control Arms, 2005

Impact of small arms on children

Tageting Children: Small Arms and Children in Conflict – Rachel Stohl, Senior Analyst, Center for Defense Information, 2002

Forgotten Casualties of War: Girls in armed conflict – Save the Children, 2005

The Impact of Conflict on Children – the role of small arms – Julia Freedson, in Disarmament Forum, 2002
Neither War Nor Peace: International comparisons of children and youth in organized armed violence – Luke Downdney.
Impact of small arms on Humanitarian workers

No Relief: Surveying the Effects of Gun Violence on Humanitarian and Development Personnel – Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, 2005

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