Defective transmission causes Albanian blackout

All of Albania was left without electricity Tuesday afternoon because of a defect in a transmission line importing power from neighboring FYROM, the energy minister said.

The blackout began at 4 p.m. (1400 GMT). Energy Minister Genc Ruli said on public television TVSH that officials were working to restore electricity first to Tirana, the country’s capital.

This month, Albania has suffered serious problems with electricity supply due both to difficulties in importing and to problems with domestic production.

Domestic power production is based on hydropower stations that have suffered from lack of rain weather for more than a month.

Albania imports 5-6 million kilowatt hours per day, and produces another 5-6 million, a level that has resulted in shutdowns of up to 15 hours daily.

Post-communist Albania has suffered regular electricity problems attributed to poor management, an outdated distribution system and lack of money.

Source: AP

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