Bosnia to withdraw nationality from 75 Algerians

Bosnian authorities may withdraw the Bosnian nationality from 75 Algerians. Eleven of them women and a high ranking officer in the Bosnian army. The list of these persons was published after a deadline determined by the Bosnian home affairs ministry had expired at the end of April. Then, the ministry announced the withdrawal of nationality from 53 Algerians out of 367 foreigners belonging to so-called Islamic volunteer fighters.

Several volunteers from Algeria, Syria, Jordan and Egypt were fighting against Serbian forces between 1992 and 1995. A war was declared by Serbia against Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Muslims, two years after the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The government determined a deadline of a month for a first number of foreigners to appeal against the nationality withdrawal decision.

Bosnian ministry of domestic security confirmed that no Bosnian volunteer fighter was expelled so far saying measures would be implemented according to the law.

Courts have not decided yet in the cases of the 53 remaining Algerians and the rest of other Muslim foreigners involved in this issue, say Bosnian newspapers.

On the other hand, the ministry of domestic security continues to review the cases of other persons who obtained Bosnian passports as from 1992. 

Source: Echorouk online

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