Greek-Turkish Cypriots demand opening of crossing points

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot residents of Pyrgos Tyllirias and Limnitis villages, on the northwest of the island, have demanded the opening of a crossing point in the area to facilitate movement of people between Cyprus’ southern government-controlled areas and the northern Turkish occupied part of the island.

In their petition to the UN Special Representative in Cyprus, Michael Moller, the inhabitants stated that officials “have no right to deprive us of this basic human right.” They added that, “We the people of Tylliria welcome the construction of the checkpoint by the government of Cyprus and its readiness to allow the free movement of people. We demand that the Turkish Cypriot authorities respond to the call by ordinary people on both sides and make similar arrangements.”

They also noted that “for the first time people on both sides have a common dream, to move freely in their own country. Surely that’s not much to ask. What is a basic human right, for us is a dream.”

Mr. Andreas Karos, speaking on behalf of the Pyrgos-Limnitis residents, said that the people are prepared to welcome and celebrate the opening of the crossing points.

Furthermore, the Turkish Cypriot community leader of Limnitis underlined the wish of Turkish Cypriots to open the crossing points in order to have free movement, which the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots inhabitants of the region have been deprived of.

Several crossing points to and from the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus have been in operation in the past few years and there is also an increasing demand by Greek and Turkish Cypriots to open a crossing point at the end of Nicosia’s commercial street, Ledra Street, and another one near Limnitis. Up to now, the Turkish Cypriot side and specifically the Turkish military have been unwilling to make any move towards this goal.

Source: Cyprus Embassy in the USA

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