World defense update: Part 2

Indian IT sector pledges to work more closely with DRDO
India’s National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to increase co-operation with Indian IT companies. The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that the MoU agreement is designed to develop innovation and intellectual property in the domestic market

Pakistan opposition calls for cap on defence spending
The opposition in the Pakistan Senate has proposed to freeze defence expenditure at last year’s PKR250 billion (USD4.1 billion), and called for military pensions to be moved into the main defence budget. On 9 June the Pakistan government proposed to increase its defence budget for Fiscal Year 2007 (FY07) to PKR275 billion, a rise of 10 per cent over the FY06 budget
HIGH-FREQUENCY RADIOS – Smaller, smarter HF radios provide antidote to digitisation debits
In the absence of satellite links or terr?estrial digitisation networks – or when these fail – high-frequency (HF) radios are what the military and government agencies still rely on to stay in touch. Improvements in antenna design, auto?matic link establishment (ALE) techniques, vocoders and encryption systems have helped to keep this time-honoured radio communications medium relevant to today’s battlespace

Aselsan adds Igla capability to PMADS

Aselsan of Turkey is to develop a version of its Pedestal Mounted Air Defence System (PMADS) to launch the Russian Igla surface-to-air missile (SAM) in response to a number of potential export customer requirements. The first example of PMADS with Igla, complete with four Kolomna Igla fire-and-forget SAMs in the ready-to-launch position, was shown at the IDEF defence equipment exhibition held in May in Ankara, Turkey
US moves to stifle Hmong-American undercover activity
Ten US nationals, including exiled Hmong leader Vang Pao and retired US Army officer Harrison Jack, have been arrested in California for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government of Laos. The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said on 4 June that the arrests were the culmination of a six-month investigation dubbed Operation ‘Tarnished Eagle’
OPINION – Hypersonics: the time is now

NASA scientists ran a supersonic combustion ram-jet (scramjet) at M5.00 for over 50 seconds on 19 April: a notable step on the path to practical air-breathing hypersonic flight. Researchers at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, carried out the test on a JP-7-fuelled Pratt & Whitney engine  intended for the US Air Force X-51 programme

ADMIRAL JUHANI KASKEALA: Finland’s Chief of Defence

With a major organisational restructuring due for completion in 2008 and a new government appointed in April 2007, Finland’s Chief of Defence, Admiral Juhani Kaskeala, has a clear vision for the Finnish Defence Forces in the coming years. Focusing initially on joint forces, Adm Kaskeala predicts a smaller, high-quality and technologically advanced defence force

North Korea conducts second coastal-defence missile test in 2007
South Korean and Japanese intelligence officials have confirmed that on 7 June North Korea conducted the second test of its coastal-defence missile system so far in 2007. The exercise consisted of the launch of two missiles from undisclosed west coast locations by units of the West Sea Fleet’s coastal defence missile regiment
South Korea – Widening Horizons
The increasingly capable armed forces of South Korea are in the middle of a major transformation to a modern, networked national force with off-peninsula capability. This follows 54 years of maintaining a largely static, defensive posture dependent on direct US support

US seeks to bolster missile-defence integration with Israel
The US House of Representatives has approved additional funding for “research, development, test and evaluation” to bolster US ballistic missile-defence integration with Israel. Part of a USD504 billion defence spending bill for Fiscal Year 2008 passed on 17 May, the authorisation calls for USD205 million in US Department of Defense (DoD) funding to be allocated towards projects already in development or being considered to improve Israel’s missile-defence system

China unveils recent weapon developments
A video produced to celebrate the recent achievements of the China Flight Test Establishment (CFTE) reveals a wealth of evidence for new Chinese weapons programmes and the pace of weapons systems development by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLA-AF), writes Robert Hewson.
Source: Jane’s Defense Journal

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