Defense update in the Balkans

USA forces in Romania

According to the USA Ambassador in Romania, Mr. Nicholas Taubman, American military personnel presence has already been established in the Air Force base of “Mihail Kogalniceanu”. Since 2005 Romania and the USA have signed a defense agreement whereby the latter will construct four military installations, that will have a dual use, as American and NATO bases.  Apart from Kogalniceanu, the rest are: Babadag, Smardan and Cincu, virtually in all corners of the Romanian territory.
Bulgaria increases its arms exports
Bulgaria sold 240 million USD worth of weaponry last year, according to the National Confederation of defense contractors. The exports for 2005 were 218 million USD, and the traditional markets are African and Asian states.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in the early 90’s, the defense industry of Bulgaria suffered a dramatic downgrade of its capabilities. In 1989 Bulgaria exported 800 million USD of weapons and 115,000 workers were employed in that sector, in comparison with just 20,000 currently.

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