Fort Dix Terror Plot: Kosovo “Blowback”


By William F. Jasper

After six foreign-born Muslim men were arrested on May 7 for plotting a suicide attack on the U.S. Army base at Fort Dix, New Jersey, White House spokesman Tony Snow told reporters “there is no direct evidence of a foreign terrorist tie” to the group.

Although government officials have continued to maintain this line, the American Council for Kosovo asserts there is ample reason to surmise that the planned terror attempt is blowback from the U.S. support for the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and its bid for control of an independent Kosovo carved from the former Yugoslavia. Four of the six men indicted are ethnic Albanians from the Kosovo region.

The pro-KLA policy initiated by the Clinton administration has been continued in the Bush administration by Clinton holdover Nicholas Burns, operating as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. The Bush administration, together with leading U.S. Democrats, is supporting the efforts of “prime minister” Agim Ceku, the former chief of the KLA, to gain
recognition of Kosovo as an independent nation and membership in the European Union.

As documented by The New American eight years ago (see “Danger: KLA in the U.S.A. [0],” May 24, 1999 issue), the KLA has been building extensive support networks in the U.S. The American Council on Kosovo points out that “major KLA figures have documented links to jihad terror sponsors such as
the government of Iran and al-Qaeda, including to Osama bin Laden personally.”

“What now really needs to be asked,” says the Council, “is how terrorists from the faraway Balkans were able to plan an operation here in the U.S. The ugly truth is that for almost a decade the U.S. government – or more precisely a handful of State Department bureaucrats and a few Congressmen –
have placed the U.S. firmly on the side of the KLA and have helped created a haven for their operations. Even worse, KLA supporters in the United States have operated with virtual impunity, collecting money and weapons to fuel
Albanian jihad operations not only in Kosovo, but in neighboring areas of southern Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, and northern Greece.”

The American Council on Kosovo further notes that in 2004 “Dutch television broadcast a documentary of Kosovo Albanian Muslims legally buying weapons in the U.S. (including heavy 50 caliber rifles) and shipping them to Kosovo in support of their ‘liberation war’ in violation of numerous U.S. laws, including the Neutrality Act. The documentary then showed the same Albanians at a fundraiser in New York writing hefty checks to American politicians of both parties. There is no public indication that any action was taken by federal or state law enforcement agencies.”

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