Greek-Romania economic ties

Trade Balance Greece-Romania, 2006 (in Million Euro)

Greek exports increased by 45.7%, to 595.82 million Euro compared with 408.86 million Euro in 2005. Romanian exports to Greece increased by 16.3%, from 434.27 million Euro to 505.26 million Euro. Trade volume increased by 30.6% from 843.13 million Euro in 2005 to1.10 billion Euro in 2006.

During 2006 Romania absorbed 3.6% of total Greek exports, ranking 10th among the most significant markets for Greek products.

Product groups of Greek exports to Romania exceeding 2%:

Automobile vehicles, totalling 43.51 million Euro at 7.3%

Aluminium, totalling 42.50 million Euro at 7.1%

Telecommunications equipment totalling 41.49 million Euro at 7%

Iron construction, totaling 32.49 million Euro at 5.4%

Copper, totalling 25.56 million Euro at 4.3%

Fruit , totalling 22.54 million Euro at 3.8%

Plastic slabs and strips, totaling 21.83 million Euro at 3.7%

Petroleum oils and asphalt minerals, totaling 79million Euro at 2.8%

Stones, sand and gravel, totalling14.66 million Euro at 2.5%

Perfume and cosmetic products, totaling 13.62 million Euro at 2.3%
Product imports from Romania exceeding 2%:
Petroleum oils and asphalt minerals, totalling 91.02 million EURO, at 18.01%

Iron and steel scraps,, totalling 44.14 million Euro, at 8.74%

Aluminium, totalling 38.9 million Euro at 7.7%

Electric energy, totalling 35.33 million Euro at 7%

Iron or steel rolling products, totalling 28.63 million Euro at 5.67%

Processed wood, totalling 27.27 million Euro at 5.4%

Electricity distribution material, totalling 22.53 million Euro at 4.46%

Livestock, totalling 19.36 million Euro at 3.83%

Machinery parts and equipment, totalling 17.20 million Euro at 3.41%

Handiworks for investments, totalling 15.46 million Euro at 3.06%

Telecommunications equipment, totalling 15.21 million Euro at 3.01%

Electric production equipment , totalling 10.29 million Euro at 2.04%
Greek Investment in Romania
According to data from the Romanian Commercial Registry, Romanian businesses with the participation of foreigners in their share capital were 119,120 at the end of 2005 and the accumulative value of foreign investments in Romania totaled 15.3 billion Euro, with a total of 131,943 registered businesses.

Greek capital invested in Romania exceeds 3 billion Euro (stock – 31/12/05) placing the country among the first three foreign investors. The largest Greek investments in the Balkans have taken place in Romania. On a global scale, Romania is one of the most significant receivers of Greek investment capital and Greek investments are aimed mainly at services, ( 31.4%, primarily telecommunications), manufacturing (27.7%), wholesale trade (23.3%) retail trade (3.5%), construction (7.5%) and agriculture (4.2%).
Note: Currently -04/2007- Greek inverstments in Romania are calculated over 4 billion Euros. Trade volume to reach 1.4 billion Euros for 2007.


Greek National Statistics Service

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