HELLENIC FOUNDATION opening centre in Trieste

Another city will soon aquire a Hellenic Foundation for Cutlure Branch, as the organization moves to begin operating in a city that has a powerful Greek diaspora in the past and continues to today. Trieste will be the newest centre to be opened by the HFC. The Hellenic Foundation for Culture has acquired appropriate space to house its activities in the centre of the city, at Tziovani square. This space has been granted free of charge by the Greek Orthodox Community of Trieste. The Foundation will be able to use the renovated spaces of the building for offices, a library, the teaching of Greek language and the organisation of cultural events. Greek element has been present in Trieste since the signing of the treaty of Pasarovits in 1718. Mainly tradesmen, the Greeks played an important role in the city’s economic activity. Certain Greeks acquired enormous fortunes; even today the town square that they built adorns the city with Palazzo Kartsioti, the residences of N. Strati and A. Yiannikesi. It is indicative that at the end of the 18th century Greek economic activity resulted in the foundation of Societa Greca di Assicurazioni, the first insurance company in Trieste. Until the early 1900s the community remaind strong, but after the Second World War, the Greek community of Trieste began shrinking. It continues however its dynamic role in the world of Greek Diaspora.
Source: WWGreeks

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