Natural gas statistics

World natural gas reserves as of 2005

Russia: 48 trillion cubic metres

Caspian Sea states (Iran, Azerbaizan, Khazakstan, Turkmenistan): 34 trillion cubic metres

Rest of the World: 98 trillion cubic metres

Percentage of reliance to Russian natural gas imports for selected European states, as of 2006.

Greece: 1oo%

Finland: 100%

Poland: 63%

Germany: 40%

Hungary: 77%

Italy: 33%

Austria: 78%

Slovakia: 100%

France: 32%

Natural gas production for states in the ex-Soviet Union, as of 2006

Russia: 657 billion cubic metres

Turkmenistan: 65 billion cubic metres

Khazakstan: 26.3 billion cubic metres

Azebaizan: 6.7 billion cubic metres

Russia + Iran + Katar have almost 58% of world’s natural gas reserves.

Saudi Arabia produced 530 million tons of oil in 2006

Russia produced 490 million tons of oil in 2006

Khazakstan produced 60 million tons of oil in 2006

 Azebaizan produced 35 million tons of oil in 2006


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BP statistical review of world energy 2006

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