Greek military created global OSINT Center

The Greek military has created a global OSINT center, by which it will monitor 24/7 all news, analysis, briefings, reports and information in general around military affairs worldwide. That includes a constant import of information from the media, websites, weblogs, Think-Tanks, public comments and other OSINT based information.

According to the monthly defense journal in Athens “Strategy”; the center started operating in October and became fully operational last month. It is composed by 150 members (Officers, NCOs &Privates) that were selected on basis of their knowledge of foreign languages, internet management and education on issues relevant to OSINT management and intelligence gathering. Moreover most of the members of this unit underwent training in Greece and other NATO countries on the aforementioned sectors and some of them hold degrees in international relations, diplomatic studies and journalism.

The weekly Greek newspaper “Investors world” comments that this new military unit is the first of its kind in South Eastern Europe and will play a decisive role in collecting the vital pieces of Open Source information that the country might need. Already at least 90% of all information collected from intelligence or security services; comes from OSINT and it is vital for any organization to have its own modus operandi of getting the “Big picture” that hides behind a multitude of incoming information.

Moreover, the Greek military OSINT center will have Full access to the Command Control and Information facilities of the Army, Navy and Air force. Thus it will be capable of conducting wide range researches across the country and speed-up considerably the “Intelligence cycle”. Over the coming years the Greek military aims to create an information structure that includes the use of satellites, AWACKS, OSINT Centers, CCTV’s, electronic surveillance planes & ships; so as to downgrade costs of intelligence handling and upgrade considerably its abilities in conducting “21st Century” intelligence management.

Lastly along and embed in the OSINT Centre, a specialized team of Officers will monitor the internet for cases of intentional or unintentional leak of sensitive documents and classified information. The team enacted its operation a few months ago and according to the Greek media it has already uncovered six cases of leakages by military personnel that shared files or posted in the World Wide Web, documents of sensitive nature. Furthermore the team conducts inspections all-along the spectrum of critical information infrastructure of the military in order to make sure safety rules are followed and propose necessary adjustments. Its members were selected due to their computer and electronics knowledge and have in their use hi-tech software platforms that survey internet constantly. They also cooperate closely with the Greek Police Special Unit on Electronic Crime that functions over the past decade.

The importance of the OSINT management has gained a wide recognition all over the world, and it is of importance to note that CIA has announced to the media last year that it monitors weblogs all over the world, as a mean of gaining wide-angle information on societal developments internationally.

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