Defense developments in China & India

China to increase its defense budget

China sets to increase its military expenditute by some 17.8% for 2007. For 2006 the total official budget reaced 36 billion USD, a 14.6% percent from the precedent annum. According to analysts the real expenditure might be  triple of the official statements reaching 100 billion USD. The new Chinese programs relating to space technologies, missile systems and quite a few domestic procurements are not accounted for, thus presenting a much different profile of the contemporary Chinese defense apparatus.
Source: Voice of America

India plans to develop an UAV base
India plans to install an UAV base in the Adamand Islands in order to expand its monitor and reach in the area closely related to the transit of vessels from the Malacca Straghts. The Archipelagos Adamand has 572 islands and it is of strategic importance in keeping an eye in the tremendous transport flow from East Asia trespassing the Indian Ocean. The UAV base will monitor potential terrorist, smuggling and piracy incidents and in parallel will empower the Indian military in performing activities far from the domestic waters and land.
Source: Ministry of Defense India

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