Is English the only way to go?

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Is English the only way to go?
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In the course of human history there was never the a single language that dominated communication and economy. A very illustrating example would be the era of the Hellenistic Empires and consequently the Roman Empire (323 BC to 476 AC)

Since our epoque of globalization resembles a period where we had a single economic area in Europe-North Africa and the Middle East; there were three main languages used, at least.

Firstly, Latin used by the state bureacracy, Army, and the politicians.

Secondly, Greek used by the arts & sciences professionals and a large percentage of the Eastern Mediterranean population.

Thirdly, Aramaic used by most people in the Middle East as well as religious leaders and scientists of that region.

Moreover Celtic, Hebrew, Germanic, Farsi, and Berberian languages were locally predominant along with numerous other dialects. An educated person of that era would be proficient in at least three of those languages and Apostole Paul could easily speak & write in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

The world in the next decades is likely to resemble more of a “networked Roman Empire” with international citizens using English, Chinese, Arabic etc.

An interesting point would be that the only ancient languages that survive nowadays are Greek, Hebrew, Chinese (And indirectly Latin) so language should not be seen as a separate element of the people that speak it and their ability to pass on their culture throughout the ages.

Greek, Jews and Chinese survived culturally since the ancient times thus retaining their language. What will be the future of the English language will heavily depend on the fate of the English people and their descendents that habituate predominaly in North America, British Isles and Oceania.

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