US Ambassador calls Cyprus a close partner in combating terrorism and crime

US Ambassador to Cyprus Ronald Schlicher has said that his country continues to value Cyprus as a close partner in the joint effort to combat terrorism, proliferation and organized crime.

Addressing a ceremony for the donation of an under-water camera by the US Embassy and the US Customs to Cyprus’ Marine Police, Mr. Schlicher also said that he is pleased ”the US and Cyprus continue to work closely together in many areas and that our co-operation with Cypriot law enforcement agencies continues to be excellent.”

He added: “One of the closest areas of that co-operation between our two nations of course is in combating global threats, such as terrorism. We are working together very closely to enhance our collective ability in the world community to protect our borders, to deter terrorists, to combat organized crime of many sorts, to improve emergency preparedness and to stop the proliferation of weapons. We in the US regard Cyprus as an important partner in these efforts.”

The American Ambassador also stressed: “We continue to value Cyprus as a close partner in our joint struggles against terrorism, against proliferation and against organized crime and we look forward to further join efforts to helping increase the safety and wealth fare of the citizens of both our nations.”

Cyprus’ Marine Police Commander, Yiannakis Ioannou, said that without doubt the cooperation between the two nations and the two governments with common targets and vision solves many problems and definitely brings positive results.

He expressed hope for the continuation of ”this admirable cooperation between the two governments for our common targets which are not more that a society without terrorism, drugs and catastrophic activities.”

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