SRSG addresses public meeting in Decan/Decane

Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kosovo (SRSG) Joachim Rücker today addressed a public meeting in the Culture House of Decan/Decane Municipality together with COMKFOR Lt.-General Roland Kather, the Deputy Prime Minister, Lutfi Haziri and the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ardian Gjini. The President of the Municipal Assembly, Nazmi Selmanaj, chaired the meeting.

The SRSG noted that Kosovo had entered a new phase after the transmission of the Special Envoy’s report, supported by the Secretary-General, to the Security Council. The SRSG emphasized further the importance of protecting Kosovo’s cultural heritage for all people of Kosovo.

In answer to questions about the 14th century Decan/Decane Monastery, a World Heritage Site, the SRSG said: “I think everybody wins by having such a treasure in the immediate vicinity. It’s a treasure not only for Kosovo, but actually for the whole world. I think there will be every opportunity that you will resolve issues related to the establishment of protective zone in harmony.”

Almost two hundred persons attended the meeting called by the Municipality Presidency and supported by the OSCE. It is the latest in a series of such sessions the SRSG has attended in an outreach program aimed at touching base with as many members of the Kosovo society as possible.
Note: The meeting took place just a few days before the attack. This incident clearly illustrates two things; the inability of the international forces to protect and the fact that vicious elements that have taken control of Kosovo and constitute enemy of democracy and stability for the whole of Europe. As far as the writer is aware, in modern history only the Taliban were apt in destructing ancient monuments… And we all know what was the end of their regime and the ramifications for the world.
Source: UNMIK/PR

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