The energy factor between USA-Russia and Iran

The past few months have revealed a tripartite relation between USA, Russia and Iran, where the energy factor is crucial to their behaviour.

Russia is getting closer to Iran by taking into consideration that 75% of the world’s natural gas reserves are to be found in the Middle East and in Central Asia.

The above coupled with the large military procurement of Russian weaponry by Algeria-7.5 billion USD- bring into limelight an even closer relationship of the Islamic world with the Russian Federation based in geoeconomic aspirations.

The supreme religious leader of Iran-Ayatollah Homeini- has already stated that a “Gas Kartel” is needed that will function similarly to the OPEC one. Of course such a development will be a usefull and forceful reminder to the energy dependent Europeans not to side with USA in case of a conflict-war between the two states.

Thus Russia and Iran, should they cooperate ;-Along possibly with Algeria- They would be able to dictate most of the energy policy in the European capitals for the coming decades. Moreover Iran is crucial for Europe because of its geographical placement that provides access to Sea for any natural gas production from Central Asia.

On overall, if the Russian-Iranian cooperation becames a concrete reality, Europe will be dependent for its needs on those states and the prospect of siding with USA and Israel in a future war diminishes.

It certain that the coming months will include their fair share of diplomatic brinkmanship between all interested parties in a “game” that is truly global and very significant for the energy future of the West and East Asia as well.

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