USA-UK upgrade military capabilities of Afghanistan

Over the past few weeks USA has sent thousands of weaponry and amnunition to Afganistan, in a bid to assist the local military. By the end of 2008 it is scheduled that the national Afghani Army will reach 70,000 active personnel and will be capable of conducting operations without NATO assistance.

Moreover UK has already drafted plans to send an additional 800 troops to the country, thus the total British stationed soldiers will reach some 5,800 personnel. Nowadays large -scale operations against the Taliban guerillas are been fought by the British Special Forces in the Southern parts of Afghanistan. UK will remain to Afghanistan at least until late 2009, as sources from the Ministry of Defence have stated.

The continuous attacks by Taliban against the coalition forces, have in general speed-up the process of empowering the local govermental military that sooner or latter will have to start operating individually in order to secure large parts of the state still under Taliban control.


Ministry of Defence(UK)

Voice of America

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