The untouched “White Devils”

The present era in the Balkans and in particular in Kosovo, presents an excellent pradigm of how international terrorism can flourish, in an area where the international community is supposed to secure for the good of regional stability.

The term “White devils” emerged on Januray 2004 when the news agency, Strategy Page, cited information from Bosnia mainly that confirmed the existence of Al Qaeda cells in Kosovo composed of younf European males. These people could pass as “Whites” in the Continent, thus being able to perform easily their terrorist plots.

The Wahhabists have managed to inflitrate the Balkans through their use of the Bosnian war-1991 to 1995- and through the insurgency by the Albanian guerillas in 1998-1999. By portraying themselves as the saviours of the Balkan Muslims they gained credibility amongst them, and most importantly managed to proceed to widespread recruitment. has in numerous reports and articles presented the power base of the Balkan outreach of Al-Qaeda in Kosovo central area. Furthermore, smaller urban settlements such as Drenica have become Islamist strongholds that are also interelated with heroin trade; much needed to collect capital to be used for terrorist acts.

Jamestown Foundation has reported that an Islamic charity, named “Ansarija” is responsible of providing assistance to mujahedeen veterans that were active during the Bosnian war and a large number of them settled permatenly in villages across the country. Themselves have married local women and have imposed in numerous cases the “Saria” law, unheard in the region since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire!

Al -Qaeda has been already implicated with the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo by all international organizations, security services, and the media. It uses its presence in the Balkans as a symbolic forefront in the “War against the West”. A very worrying scenario is for Islamic fighters operating in Iraq currently; to move to their Balkan “safe areas” thus jeopardising European security for years to come.

As long as the Balkans are not fully protected against the perils of terrorism and organized crime, it is not safe to make secure predictions for the future of the area, or that of Europe.

It is high-time for actions to be taken that will dismantle those terrorist cells and provide greater security for the rest of the Continent. This can only be made possible through the use of collective will and capability by the EU and NATO that should be on alert already in order to combat these phenomena.

The ongoing negotiations around the Kosovo status might be the tipping point were a lot of these extremist groups might resurface. There could be no viable solution for Kosovo as long as the local Mafias and terrorist cells remain untouched and avoid Justice.

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