Russia plans a massive military procurement project

The deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation-Segei Ivanov- and probable President by 2008; announced 3 weeks ago (As the then Minister of Defense) a massive project by which Russia is going to spend 189 billion USD over the coming 8 years for its Armed Forces.

The synopsis of the procurements, ia as follows:

50 ICBM Topol-M systems

50 new long-range bombers

And the full modernization of: 40 brigades(Tanks), 97(Infantry), 50(Paratroopers).

Moreover Russia is going to manufacture an unspecified number of attack hellicopters, MLRS and electronic warfare equipment.

It is assumed that by the end of the end of this re-armament of Russia, its military industry will gain a great boost to its profits and abilities.

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