The present state of the Hellenic Air Force -HAF-

The Air Force of the Greek state is on the verge of procuring some 60 new 4th generation fighters where a fierce battle between USA(F-16, F-18), French(Rafale) and European(Eurofighter)is going to be unfolded over the coming years. It has to be noted that the total contract will most probably exceed 4 billion USD without counting the option rights.

Currently the HAF has the following fighter aircrafts.

F-16 Block 30: 32 aircraft

F-16 Block 50: 40 aircraft

F-16 Block 52+: 59 aircraft

Mirage-2000: 32 aircraft

Mirage-2000-5: 25 aircraft

F-4E PI-2000: 35 aircraft

F-4E SRA: 20 aircraft

RF-4E: 22 aircraft

A-7H/E: 79 aircraft

Note: 30 aircraft (F-16 Block 52+ Advanced) are going to be delivered between 2008-2009.

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