The case of the jailed Egyptian blogger

In our globalized world the news of the recent conviction of a 22year old Egyptian blogger has already made to every corner of the planet.

Abdel Karim Souleiman was jailed for 4 years because he heavily critisized his university and the goverment through his blog posts. The penalty is actually considerd to be mild because there were rumours that he was about to spent a considerable part of his life in jail if the maximum penalty was enforced!

Therefore the so-called “Universal model of human rights” gets another heavy blow and clearly points out the fallacy of the West to try to comprehend autocratic regimes with the usual jargon and political correcteness. Egypt is plainly a dictatorship that hands out heavy penalties for anyone critisizing, and disobeding public norms. At the same time it is considered as an ally of the “free world” and receives almost the same as Israel -Some 3 billion USD- so as to keep the state afloat not to be taken over by the extremists.

The only logical conclusion that someone could draw from this incident is that the Western states having a historical complex want to blame every autocratic regime for its practices -Like in Egypt- but they cannot ofcourse discontinue to protect their vital interests with any means possible and quite frankly that is the right thing to do for their survival and progress.

The division between ethics and interests is as old as humanity itself and cannot be resolved with the traditional political correct modus of declaring “equality”, “human rights protection” and “respect for the different”. Its pointless, hypocritic and counterproductive because it reveals outermost hypocrisy and incompetence. A global policy based on realism and the right to exersice sovereign interest is more on par with the real needs of the world that wants truth instead of intellectual phantasies and bureaucratic nonsense. Otherwise the West will ultimately destroy one of its few advantages compared to other civilazations and that is the use of strategic thinking in order to progress; whatever that is left from it, balancing between the fallacies of the Left and the  incompetence of the Right.

For anyone interested the link for signing the petition  for the blogger:

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