Feature of the Russian international corporations

Over the past five years Russia has managed to create a multitude of global enterpraises active in the international mineral trade. Enriched with some of the largest deposits of gold, diamonds and platinum, the Russia Federation virtually controls the world’s trade in the aforementioned sectors.

1) Norilsk Nickel

The largest nickel production company in the world, with some 300,000 tonnes estimated for 2006. Moreover Norilsk is the first producer of Palladium with over 1,000,000 ounches yearly production . Finally the corporation is amongst the largest in Covaltium and copper production.

2) VSMPO-Avisma

The largest titanium producer globally. The American Boeing buys 50% of its needed usage by this Russian industry and Airbus has recently signed a 20 year contract. Also Avisma is the 3rd largest producer of Magnesium in the world.

3) Polyus Gold

The 5th largest producer of gold internationally with over 1 billion ounches per year. The second also largest platinum producer with some 30 tonnes per year.

4) Evraz

A major steel-industry that has recently bought the American “Stratcor” and the South African “Highveld”. It is also the largest producer of Vanadium.

5) The Russian Federation has a state monopoly of the coal industry which controls 18% of world’s reserves, the greatest share globally.

6) Russia is the second largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia with over 7 million barrels a day and some 80 billion barrels in reservoires.

7) Russia produces 21 trillion cubic feet of natural gas a year and has some 1,700 b trillion cubic feet of natural gas deposits. It is important to note that most of Europe currently depends on Russian natural gas.

On overall the Russian Federation maintains a priviledged position in the international strategic metalls market, as well as, in the fossil fuel and natural gas sector. Actually its current economic progress is heavily influenced by the above sectors.

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