Growing Leftist-Jihadist Linkages Highlighted by January 12, 2007, Attack

Growing Leftist-Jihadist Linkages Highlighted by January 12, 2007, Attack
on US Embassy
Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis – January 19, 2007, Friday
Analysis. By GIS Staff.

Reliable sources indicate that the Chinese-built RPG-7 rocket-propelled
grenade fired at the US Embassy in Athens on January 12, 2007, was supplied
to the leftist Greek terrorist organization, Revolutionary Struggle, by the
Albanian jihadist -linked group, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA/UCK).

The confirmation of the link demonstrates the growing linkages between
anti-Western leftist terrorist groups and anti-Western Islamist jihadi
groups, and there is some suggestion that the reappearance of Revolutionary
Struggle may have been prompted directly by support received from the
cash-rich KLA.

The KLA itself, now operating under a variety of new front names, is itself
a nominally nationalist-based group which owes much of its origin to the
ultra-Stalinist Hoxha-style Albanian political movement which was displaced
by the end of the Cold War and the collapse of communism. But with the links
through Albanian Muslims — and particularly Albanian Muslims living in the
Serbian province of Kosovo — to the al-Qaida terrorist movement, and later
to Iranian intelligence operatives, the KLA has now become an integral part
of the jihadist movement in Europe, essentially controlling the illicit
trade in narcotics, white slaving (prostitution), and arms to fund and equip
terrorist operations.

The KLA link with Revolutionary Struggle, then, is logical. Moreover, it
should be expected that the KLA/jihadist linkage into the Greek ultra-left
groups will be facilitated by the injection of funds — derived from
narco-trafficking — and weapons into the Greek groups. The ideological
“purity” of the Greek leftist groups will ultimately begin to disintegrate
as they focus on what is possible through the acquisition of illegal funds
and weapons, as was the case with, for example, the Irish Republican Army
(IRA) in its various forms, and many of the South American
terrorist/insurgency groups which developed a “lifestyle” based on criminal
activities. Indeed, the jihadist groups and other Middle Eastern radical
groups also have traditionally allowed themselves to be distorted by (a)
availability of sources of funding, and (b) tactical opportunism.

In the case of the KLA-Greek leftist linkages, geographic contiguity is a
key factor in the development of relations, compounded by the reality of the
large number of Albanian nationals now resident in Greece.

The revival of anti-US terrorist activities in Greece, and throughout the
Balkans, therefore, should be expected to occur during 2007, particularly
associated with the attempts by the KLA to ensure international recognition
for an independent Kosovo. Ironically, this objective is supported by the US
State Dept., the very target of the Revolutionary Struggle rocket attack.

Note: The author of the blog presents the above point of view without fully affirming its validity

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