Proposal On Kosovo A ‘Compromise’

U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari’s proposal on Kosovo is a “compromise” between the province’s Serbs and ethnic Albanians, he said Friday. 

The plan formally presented to Serbian President Boris Tadic is “a result of one year of intensive negotiations with the parties,” the former Finnish president said before leaving to detail the plan to Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian leadership. 

“It is a compromise proposal,” he said, adding further consultations between the parties could be held later this month and that the current version “is a draft and not a final proposal. 

“I’m willing to integrate compromise solutions that parties might reach, and I will then finalize my settlement proposal for submission to the U.N. Security Council,” Ahtisaari said, specifying he would invite the rival sides to meet on Feb. 13. 

He added that in their meeting, Tadic repeated Serbia’s “well-known” stand on Kosovo. Serbian officials have repeatedly said they would never accept an independent Kosovo

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