November 2006 campaign expenditure

The last elections in the USA costed over 2 billion USD for the financiers of the prospective and elected members of Congress.

Top-10 contributors:

1) Robin Arckley- SN Servicing Corp. 287,000 USD, Republicans.

2) Angelo Tsakopoulos- AKT Development, 265,000 USD, 86% Democrats

3) Howard Grof-Northwest Excavating, 241,000 USD, Republicans

4) Lorence Di George- DEG Capital, 214,000 USD, Republicans

5) Bernard Swarts-Loral Space, 200,00 USD, 93% Democrats

6) Grover Connell-Connell C0, 200,000 USD, 91% Democrats

7) Robert Rowling-TRT Holdings, 196,000 USD, Republicans

8) Daniel Mattoon-Podesta, 195,000 USD, 98% Republicans

9) David Alameel-Alameel Holdings, 193,000 USD, Democrats

10) Keneth Kiss-Clark Consulting, 190,000 USD, 95% Democrats.

 Greek-Americans apart from Mr. Tsakopoulos who contributed large sums to the campaign, include:

Peter Angelo: 163,000 USD , Democrats

Alex Spanos: 151,000 USD, 85% Republicans.

Other financial details on the campaign are:

1. The most expensive election races were held in, New York, California and Texas.

2. Hillary Clinton managed to collect over 47 million USD for her campaign, by far the largest sum of any candidate.

3. Oil, Pharmaceutical, construction, insurance and defense related corporations financed by 70% the Republican candidates

4. Trade Unions, Law Offices, entertainment industry, telecommunication and Information Technology companies supported strongly the Democrats.

5. 58% of the capital for the campaign was raised by Republicans and the rest by Democrats.

In 2004 the analogy was 63% Republicans-37% Democrats.

In 2002 the analogy was 64% Republicans-36% Democrats.

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