The Greek banking system

The market share in the Greek banking of the major domestic finance institutions. (Approximate data)


National Bank of Greece-NBG-: 25%

Alpha Bank: 19%

Eurobank: 18%

Piraeus Bank: 10%

Agricultural Bank -ATE-: 9%

Emporiki Bank: 9%


National Bank of Greece-NBG-: 28%

Eurobank: 17%

Alpha Bank: 13%

Agricultural Bank-ATE-: 12%

Emporiki Bank: 10%

Piraeus Bank: 8%


National Bank of Greece-NBG-: 21%

Alpha Bank: 18.5%

Eurobank: 18%

Piraeus Bank: 11%

Emporiki Bank: 11%

Agricultural Bank-ATE-: 10%

On overall the first six Greek banks control around 85%-90% of the domestic market.

All data relevant as on 31/12/2006.

Source: Central Bank of Greece

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